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If At First You Don't Succeed... Re-launch!

As many of you likely know, the Kickstarter campaign for Top Tale: The O.G. Volume 1, fell short of the funding goal, achieving approximately 75% of the $8,000 goal. Overall, the experience was very positive, and I learned a lot about creating and managing a Kickstarter campaign. With all of those learnings, I plan to re-launch Top Tale on Kickstarter!

The plans for the re-launch are still in the works, but I'm hoping for a later October or early November launch. I plan to have a shorter campaign of just 25 days, versus 35 days. I also plan to keep the same funding goal, as $8,000 will be enough to fulfill orders, and have additional copies to sell after the Kickstarter. With any luck, I'll have most of the original 118 backers from the first campaign to back the second campaign in the first 48 hours, and drastically improve my chances of funding!

I want to make sure the second Kickstarter creates the value that all you lovely humans want. To that end, I'm looking into a new manufacturer to reduce material costs while maintaining quality, and I'm planning to increase the starting card count (going from 100 to 125, with stretch goals to get up to 162 cards). Whatever the final card count ends up being, that's the card count that I plan to use for each subsequent volume of Top Tale. Additionally, I plan to reduce the core game price and keep shipping as low as possible to provide even more value (targeting $20 with shipping for US backers). The cards are also going through refinements based on feedback from the community.

The Top Tale Mobile App demo is being extended to iOS shortly. So iPhone users will soon have the same opportunity to test out Top Tale, as Android users. If funding allows, there is also a list of app improvements I'd like to make, but much of that will likely need to wait until the campaign successfully funds. The full deck of cards from every volume will be unlock-able in the app with the purchase of the physical game, so at the very least, that will be developed by the time backers receive their physical copy of Top Tale.

With all that in mind, what else do you want to see with the second campaign? Comment below with what you want to see, or e-mail me at I'm open to any suggestions. :)

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