Top Tale: The O.G. Volume 1

This is the first product that Yub Nub Games ventured to take to market in a Summer 2020 Kickstarter campaign. Based on the outcome of that campaign, The O.G. Volume 1 may be the first of many volumes released of the original Top Tale game. There are several spin offs and expansions in the works for Top Tale, as well as a mobile app, which is already available as a demo on Google Play. 


The game's original name of the game was called, "Top That!", which had possible confusion with another game called, "Top That Toast". The name was soon changed to "Beat That!", and after getting awarded the trademark, it turned out there was a trademark for Beat That! filed in the UK, so the name had to change one last time to, "Top Tale". 

Instruction Booklet (Select to Magnify)


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