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45 Days Until Launch

Over two years of hard work has lead me to now. Now, being 45 days until launch of Top Tale on Kickstarter (current launch target is July 14th, 2020). When I started this venture, I didn't expect it to be quite so much work to prepare for and launch a Kickstarter campaign. It turns out there's quite a bit involved. There's actually creating the Kickstarter campaign page, but there's a lot of work to build up enough content to even do that. Alas, here I sit at 22 followers on the Kickstarter Upcoming Project page, waiting for me to hit the launch button. I've not been pointing people to the page specifically, so I don't read too much into the number.

HINT: Click on the below image, and hit the "Notify me on launch" button, if you want to see that number go up! ; )

Aside from the Kickstarter Upcoming Project page, I have been building up a community for Top Tale, under my Studio/Publishing company name, Yub Nub Games. The pages haven't been doing too bad as far as gathering followers, with the current tally at: 40 website members (mostly folks that wanted to access the PnP), 49 followers on Twitter (pretty much all from my Topic-A-Day Give Away, as I don't do much on Twitter frankly), 68 followers on Instagram (again, I don't do much on there to warrant gaining followers), and on my Facebook page, I currently have 143 followers (I state these numbers mostly to record where I'm starting, just 45 days to launch.).

I've not put much money into Facebook ads, perhaps $100 or so, just trying out different targeting and content. So the following I have currently is mostly friends, family, and the occasional person I could entice to join my pages, possibly as a result of the test ads capturing their attention. Anyhow, I will probably spend over $1k in Facebook ads between now and when the campaign ends. Possibly more if I can afford it, and if I am getting a really good cost per acquisition rate.

So, for the next 45 days, and then the 35 campaign days, I will be stressed, I will be frantic, but I will be glad as hell that this is almost over! I have done, and will do, all that is needed to reach my funding goal. If I fail to meet my funding goal, then it will tell me one thing, that I didn't try hard enough. I know the game is good, as I've had enough people tell me so, and not just because they like me as a human. Most of who I've talked to about Top Tale were strangers.

I'm eager to see this through, I'm eager to fund, and I'm eager to get Top Tale into the hands of people around the world. Beyond that, I want to continue the Top Tale series with additional volumes, probably first sold through Kickstarter. I've learned so much about what it takes to create a successful Kickstarter, that it would be a shame to stop at just one. Now, on to the 45 days of preparing to launch! Onward and upward!

If you have not already, I would love for you to subscribe below to be part of this Kickstarter journey with me (plus you will get access to the Subscriber perks at launch!)

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