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TOP TALE Topic-a-Day Give Away

Contest Overview: 

Starting on April 19th, 2020, a TOP TALE card will be drawn each day, and posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at 4 PM Mountain Time. Anyone and everyone is then welcome to respond to the topic (please keep it clean-ish). Then at the end of each week, at 4 PM on Sunday, the response with the most likes across platforms, will earn that person a free copy of TOP TALE! The game is not being manufactured yet, and so the winners will get their copy at the same time as other backers after the Kickstarter campaign.

To get your response liked more than everyone else's, and to earn the top tale, you are encouraged to share your response or the original post to get your friends to vote for your response. 

Specific Contest Rules: 

  1. One winner will be selected each week based solely on the number of Likes, Loves, or other reaction to a player's response to a given topic. 

  2. One winner will be selected across all three platforms where the contest is shared (e.g. one winner from Facebook, Instagram, OR Twitter). This is subject to change, based on the responses, as if this contest is highly successful at spreading the word about TOP TALE, then there may be a winner selected each week, for each platform. 

  3. An individual can win multiple times over the course of the contest. This will be limited to an individual winning up to three times.

  4. Your entry may be deleted or discounted if it is deemed to be extremely inappropriate, including derogatory remarks, discrimination of any kind, belittling of others, or the like. This is meant to be a family-friendly game, so keep that in mind when offering your public responses.

  5. Your prize(s) will be shipped to you free of charge, when mass quantities are available. This is planned to be at the end of the Kickstarter campaign for TOP TALE during the Summer of 2020. If the Kickstarter is not successful, then we will send you a gift card to Amazon for the game's MSRP of $20. 

  6. Winning responses will be captured on this web page, listed with the date the winner was selected, the Winner's first name and last initial (unless you prefer to be listed as "Anonymous"), the winning topic, and the winning response. 



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